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  1. Brent D

    Waypoints test

    Decided to give the waypoints mod a test yesterday. It worked great... I didnt adjust the camera per/point. Just left it default.
  2. Cyberawe

    Calibration mode won't start for gimbal or compass and my typhoon h is brand new

    Got my typhoon H pro yesterday. Flew without calibration and it wasn't wanting to descend from high altitude which freaked me out but it came down very slowly eventually. It's hovering was a little shaky so this morning I tried to do the compass calibration. Went outside used app to face N and...
  3. T

    Antenna Mod Help Please

    Hi everyone I know that I've asked a part of this before but first has anyone done 5.8Ghz Antenna Mod on the H? That Antenna is unfortunately directly inside of the camera housing & the housing self-balances with that in account, & our CGO3+ gimbals have the 360 forever spin so can't mount any...
  4. Z

    Alternative to Team Mode?

    Hey, As a newcomer to Drone photography and to this forum I do not know much about the goings-on. However, I have setup and used the Team Mode option to control camera while following a mountain biker with the Wizard Controller. This feature is awesome because I have full camera control on the...