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    Yuneec CGO3 4K Q500 Camera With Steadygrip and Battery Mod

    I have modded out my cgo3 camera steady cam, and am looking to sell it. I have created a listing for it on eBay. Link: Yuneec CGO3 4K Q500 Camera With Steadygrip and Battery Mod | eBay
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    Installing FPVLR Basic Antenna Kit

    Hi guys! So I got my antennae in and took my ST10+ on a two hour drive to have it installed by a "professional". I got home and tested it and got less than 200 feet of range before video cut out. Needless to say, I was pissed. I opened up the ST10+ (terrifyingly) and examined the "job" that...
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    Yuneec Q500 4K Earplug gimbal modification test

    Link to video here Insane wind kickup happened immediately after take off (look at the trees). I did this modification to hopefully reduce the jello effect, and think it was seriously reduced, especially in the face of the 30mph gust that hit it immediately. The drone looked like it was MUCH...
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    Steady Grip LiPo Battery Mod

    I'm a new Q500 4k pilot and am having trouble with low voltage in the Steady Grip batteries, and came across this lipo mod: How to: Simple Lipo upgrade for the Steadygrip, tripple run time Has anyone in this forum tried this, and if so what was the results?