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nd filters

  1. D

    For sale: E50 ND filters + 2 x H520 battery

    Hi all As I don't have my H520 anymore (brought it back to the store as they were unable to solve the camera shake for half a year, tested with 4 cameras, send all back to the factory for a check and repair but no results), I am selling following items which I still have: - E50 ND Filters 0.3...
  2. snerd

    Video RAW Test - Untouched

    So I got a 4-stop ND filter, recorded at 3840 X 2160 30fps in the RAW format. 4 clips, output to 1920 X 1080 30p. ISO 100 @ 1/60 shutter speed. It is a very flat file, my next step is to color grade it and post process it to see how much I can improve it. I may be able to get to it tomorrow...
  3. S

    Blurry Typhoon H Footage and Stills

    Hi, I'm getting some pretty terrible footage/stills out of my Typhoon H after the first flight today. I have 1/60 shutter, manual WB, and a Polar Pro ND 16 on the lens. Should I not shoot in the log mode? Is 1/60 shutter too low? Do Polar Pros stink? I thought it might be vibrations from the...