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  1. ProDrone2020

    Gday mates from James wilson prodrone2020

    Hi to all am hoping these drones are decent I was ripped off in a swap for yuneec q500 4k in case both batteries swelled badly I tried flying and both say critical and auto landing so not happy. I had phantom 4 I sent over ocean 7 KLM return no troubles and was confident.this drone I'm not sure...
  2. C

    Wet drone.

    hi guys, thank you for taking your time to read the thread. I'm practicing flying my new drone before I go backpacking for two months, I flew my drone and i lost connection. My drone then landed on a wet puddle in the middle of the field. The drone landed head first, and now the lens assembly is...
  3. Davidjrccp

    Camera help

    Can't figure out why the video feed to my ST10 display is so bad. There's a lot of delay and video cuts in and out. Checked my settings and went to camera and there's 2 options for the camera. CG03 or CG03 Pro. How do I know which one to choose? Should that matter on my feed to the ST10...
  4. R

    New to Drones and seeking best way forward

    Hi I'm new to the drone pilot world having been doing quite a bit of reading and research before committing. But now I have I'd like to get some real life advice on the best way forward. Found this forum and signed up thinking it's a solid move to learn and get its and advice, but some steers...
  5. BKnightner

    Hello fellow Yuneec Pilots. I just joined.

    Hello, I'm new to the forum, however, I have consistently visited to gain insights since purchasing my Typhoon H in October. I look forward to participating in forums. Thanks, BKnightner
  6. photomike72

    New flier and owner, first impressions and a few questions.....

    Hi all. Everyone here has been really great and I totally dig the new bird. It is really easy to fly and inspires confidence almost immediately. I've got the Pro and just trying to figure it all out. Updated the firmware as soon as I got it out of the box. 2 flights so far and this thing is a...
  7. LuvMyTJ

    Tips for new Yuneec Owners

    One of the most important things you can do is to fully read and understand the manual for your new aircraft. 1. Inspect your aircraft and batteries Before you head out to fly, make sure that the batteries in your remote controller and aircraft including any spares are all fully charged. You...