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no gps

  1. T

    Aquiring GPS

    I just purchased a Tornado H920 that is stuck on aquiring gps. How do I get the gps located. This is my first time ever owning a yunee drone.
  2. Strange Steve

    New Breeze: motors won't start

    A bargain ain't a bargain unless the danged thing works! Bought a Breeze at Flagstaff Walmart for $142 last Thursday. Friday it snowed, Saturday headed back to Albuquerque. The next day I tried to fly the Breeze indoors with GPS disabled (using iPhone 6 and Breeze Cam App), but the MOTORS...
  3. P

    Repeat GPS issues after 2 month repair

    Trying to compress a lot of info in one post. On a flight several months ago my Typhoon H lost GPS, said to land immediately, then took off full speed to the left never to be seen again. After sending the flight log to Yuneec they were kind enough to replace it. The replacement was unable to...
  4. D

    B4k. Went crazy and flew away. NO GPS + minimum height/speed

    Today I was flying the breeze 4k in a little football field. I wanted to try the flight with the "indoor" mode and I calibrated it with the minimum height, speed and distances. I disabled the GPS so it could fly slowly. I used an iPhone 7 as the control. I took it off the ground and it flew for...

    Anyone experience loss of Telemetry data?

    I received a replacement "H" from Yuneec (thanks Yuneec!) The camera on the replacement "H" has issues, so that's going back for a replacement eventually. Everything else seems to work properly except for the Telemetry data on the ST16. Twice now, if I fly out 300 meters (984 feet) over...