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not working

  1. M

    GUI on Win 10

    HI all, I know this has been covered before but I have huge problems with this. I am a mac user and only use windows as a virtual machine on my mac for the purpose of using the GUI. I have been using WIN 7 and so far all has been well, however I decided to take the free win 10 upgrade (will I...
  2. G

    First crash. Gimbale wired cables - after FIX Up/Down Cam problem.

    Hi Everyone. I'm a beginner pilot. Yuneec Q500 4k. I'm flying in smart mode only. During my third flight I had an accident. I completely lost control of my drone. Fortunately my quadro finish on tree. I had a simmiliar situaktion like moste people on forum. I had broken wire on gimbal. I welded...
  3. M

    Calibration menu does not work

    Hi All, Well I was planning a flight today, first since update. I recallibrated ST-16, went fine. I have set up my H perfectly level to do accelorometer and gimbal calibration but I cannot. When I open the calibration menu on the ST-16 none of the option within it work at all. I cannot...
  4. M

    Panorama mode does nothing at all!!

    Hi all, Ok, been progressing through the learning process. I can fly now, even at night! Now learning about the camera mechanics, gimbal, settings etc. So today I decided to learn about the panorama mode. I did a gimbal calibration, selected still camera, selected panorama mode, selected...
  5. Edwin K.

    Horizontal tilt?

    Has anyone had a problem with the “horizontal tilt” stop working? I have run diagnostics and controls check out but I have no movement from camera. I have tried several different cables and received the same results. I am open to any suggestions.