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  1. AeroJ

    Interactive Panorama Tutorial

    Here's a fairly in-depth tut on creating Panoramas with the H/H+. Work in progress, so will be adding more details / screenies in due course. There are several stages to making a working online interactive panoramic photo like this one. These are: 1. Taking the Panorama photos on the UAV 2...
  2. AeroJ

    Spin Panorama

    Finally getting the workflow nailed for this sort of thing. Here is a massively unimpressive panoramic I took during yesterday's flights, shamefully near the ground (I wanted to see what the camera was up to before I sent it anywhere impressive) but we have at least got it working, and without...
  3. C

    ST16 and Pano

    I have the latest updates installed. The problem is Pano only has Pano there is no option for 8 or 16 images. Any ideas. Thx in advance.