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part 107

  1. R

    Part 107 Recurrent

    With the whole covid thing, the FAA testing sites have been closed. My license expires this month (June), and from what I have been seeing per a SFAR if your license expires in May/June, you can take a test at the FAASafety.gov site, and recert for six months. Other area's though say to do...
  2. johnnyb57

    Do I Need a 107 license?

    Whats the advantage of getting the 107 ? Lets say a friend want his crops pictures, you do it for a fee without having your 107, the transaction is between you and him ? Wheres the harm, and it brings more work your way w/o advertising what happens ?
  3. Joseph Corrado

    How Necessary is Part 107

    Here's a question I'm wrestling with. I'm a photographer. Architecture, Real Estate, etc. Since the H I have to my thinking simply added another kind of camera to my arsenal. I would never charge my clients to fly my camera any more than I would charge them for using my tripod. My clients aren't...
  4. Mike_Flys

    New Typhoon H Pro $1,740.00 Real Sense, 2 batteries, Backpack...

    I am very excited about Part 107 and what this means for the industry. I truly believe that the technology being developed for this will change the world. With the new Part 107 FAA Remote Pilot in Command (sUAS) certificate now being required for commercial/professional drone flying...
  5. RemotePilot101

    Here's What To Expect On The FAA Part 107 Knowledge Test

    Tomorrow Night (Tuesday at 9pm Eastern Time) myself and our team will be conducting a free webinar sharing: What to Expect on the FAA Knowledge Test (even share actual FAA questions) How To Submit Your Application to The FAA What The FAA Expects to See Under Part 107 How To Protect Yourself and...
  6. Wileytrigger21

    Study material for 107

    Thought I would share this for anybody preparing for the 107 test. Seems very thorough. Sarah Nilsson - UAG Test Prep - 1