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  1. C

    Two Yuneec H520s w/ hard case and cameras for sale

    Two *broken* H250s with accessories that could be fixed or used for parts. One H250 with a missing arm and motor One H250 with a missing landing gear with spare parts GPC case & Pelican 1620 case 2 E90 cameras (blue mount needs base plate repaired and red mount camera does not connect on...
  2. Murray Martz

    Congratulations to Yuneec Skins!

    Congratulations are in order for @Yuneec Skins as he is now an Approved Vendor on the forum. Click the link ( HOBBY STORE Drones-RC Aircraft Parts-Accessories-Repair ) to see what he has to offer on his website and support him. There is quite the variety of items for most everyone. Murray
  3. R

    Best supplier for h920 - h920 Plus parts?

    Vertigo Drones doesn't have what I need. Are parts hard to find for these? I need a Yuneec Tornado H920 (H920+) Replacement Airframe / Body Set. Anyone have any ideas of where to find it?
  4. mattyd58

    CGO2 Camera Parts

    Hello, I'm in need of the screw-on weight that goes on rear of CGO2 camera (see attached photo). Any one have one available for sale or info as to where I can purchase this part? Any/all suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. B

    Typhoon H Parts for Sale

    5 Arms with motors and wiring (3A,2B) - $220 Sonar Module - $40 3 5400MAH Batteries (one week old each) $100 each 12 Propellers - $50 Charger - $25 Power Adapter for charger - $35 ST16 Controller (12 days old) - $550 Wizard Wand with waterproof pouch - $110 Typhoon H hard shell backpack - $50...
  6. T

    Selling Parts

    I have a Q500 4k, and I am deciding to exit the drone game after an issue with the control board. All other parts work. If you would like to buy certain parts let me know and I can get back to you with a price with shipping. I am based out of Maine and will ship anywhere in the continental US...
  7. Renshi

    Am I missing some pieces?

    Under my camera there are four holes on the corners. Two of those holes appear to have a plastic piece in them perhaps holding the camera on? The other two holes do not have this. I added a picture. The blue circle and the one (you can't see in the image) diagonally across from it have these...