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photo editing

  1. rdonson

    Reducing noise in your drone photos

    In this video Mads shows how to use Photoshop to significantly reduce noise in your drone photos. This is quite useful for low light photos.
  2. S

    Once you stitch together a Panorama...How do you put it on a website?

    i KNOW how to get it to Facebook. I want to know how to put it in a file format that will work 360 degree circular panorama.... I use WIX as my hosting company. Also...Looking fo an easy to learn Video and still photo editor on a Mac. Don't tell me about Adobe PS etc.. Too difficult for me to...
  3. Wileytrigger21

    Cyberlink photodirector question

    Anybody familiar with this program. I tried to import some photos that I took and they show up with an exclamation point in yellow triangle. The pictures are not read only. I can import others just not this set. Driving me crazy!