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  1. R

    Needing a pilot with more experience than I have.

    Question, I am in the Detroit metro area. I have a Typhoon H. We use it on our Missions trip. This past Summer, took a hard hit, broke the camera off, which we had fixed. Broke some blades. Since repairing it, It does not fly completely correct like before. My Son is the one who really flies it...
  2. B

    What Type of Drone User Are you?

    Don't get me wrong. I do not believe that you can make these judgements in a neat little package. However, to be a Legal Nerd, Tech Nerd or Gear Nerd, it really does take a special type of person. It also takes on how much you are looking to read up on. 8 Types of Drone Users says quite a bit...
  3. L

    ST12 for pilot and ST16 for gimbal operator?

    Hi guys, new here, I am interested buying a Typhoon H, but I have to check. Main advantage for me is the possibility of the pilot+operator team mode, but I m not quite sure yet how it works. Would it be possible for the pilot to use the ST12 while the camera operator could use the ST16? Is...