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  1. B

    Be aware !!! Very aware!!!

    I recently bought new props from the internet.... not Yuneec parts I found out later ... Out on a shoot to day at a popular out door museum in Nevada, just about finished and bringing the Typhoon drone in to land I hear an odd noise and the drone shoots off and crashes. It turns out that one of...
  2. A

    3rd party props any good?

    I quickly used up the spare A type props and couldn't find any inventory in local stores. So had to ordered some 3rd party parts from Amazon. I found them slightly thicker than the originals. If I do decide to use them, do I have to use two of the same props from the same manufacturer per rotor...
  3. K

    Prop stuck

    Hi, after 2 flights today , 1 of the motors was extremely hot and I couldn´t even hold it between my fingers in order to take the prop off. Now it has cooled off and I cannot push the white button in to release and turn the prop. Any ideas? What would make the motor run this hot? Friction...
  4. WEDWay

    Mixing blades

    I am running many test trying to determine why the Jello Effect has started presenting itself in my videos. Today I attempted to balance my blades and go flying. I flew with a set of balanced blades and a set of unbalanced blades. I also secured the lens/antenna cover tightly just in case it...
  5. Jared

    High altitude props

    Does anyone know if there will be props with a higher pitch for flying in areas like Colorado, Wyoming, etc..where the altitude is 5,000'+? I'm planning on a trip to Wyoming in October but I would prefer to find some props that are better suited for that altitude. I basically want to avoid...