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q 500

  1. AdrianoMTL

    Yuneec Typhoon G Sunset Photos .....

    Just have some shoots in wind speed between 17-19 km hour.(this is the limit for Typhoon G 500). Advice for taking pictures like in the examples below : 1.Shoot strait to avoid the curve horizon line 2.Shoot in M mode on 100 Iso and play with Exposure 1.30 ,1.60 .1.80 etc. 3.Shoot in DNG (Raw)...
  2. WEDWay

    Line of Site

    I am really enjoying this forum and love watching videos that have been shared. I don't have a lot to share so far, since most of my flying time has been in the same boring local park in Huntington Beach. My one time fly out in the desert resulted in varied degrees of useable video and two...