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q500 4k typhoon

  1. J

    Sold 3/5/17: Q500 4k, ST-10, 2 Batteries, Case, Steady Grip

    Yuneec GPS equipped Typhoon Q500 4K Approximately 10 or fewer flights. Never crashed or landed hard. $600 paypal w/ shipping included (lower 48 USA only) Includes: CGO3 4K 3-axis gimbal camera Gimbal guard ST10+ groundstation/controller 2 aircraft batteries batteries (in storage charge when...
  2. D

    PLEASE HELP .. In Australia

    My near new , and 2nd Yuneec Q500 4K just fell out of the sky ( first one was my fault ) But this time it just flashed like crazy for a second or 2 and then went dark and fell only to light up not far from ground and smashed ... in Australia , who do I call in OZ , can anyone here help me ...
  3. C

    CGO3 Camera and steady grip for sale

    Looking to sell a CGO3 camera in perfect working order $350.00 OBO I'll throw in the steady grip for an extra $25.00
  4. Copper Angel

    which ipad or other tablet to buy so I can use the SteadyGrip

    I just received my Q500 4K today. As I was afraid would be the case, my Asus Memo Pad is NOT compatible with the CGO3 app. I really want to use the SteadyGrip! That was a big selling point for me in choosing this quadcopter. I would very much appreciate advice on which ipad or other tablet to...