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  4. B

    My first uploaded video

    Greetings, My first uploaded video. Software still has trial watermark. Slideshow made from several stills Software seems user friendly
  5. M

    Trying to start w/ a Q500 4K, what is best & worst used for?

    Hello all, I'm new to drones and I'm wondering why isn't the Q500 4K isn't more popular, it seems like a steal for the price! A drone with a good battery life, reasonably priced, from a reliable company, that can be insured so if damaged it can be claimed, w/3-axis gimbal for good original...
  6. BKnightner

    Hello fellow Yuneec Pilots. I just joined.

    Hello, I'm new to the forum, however, I have consistently visited to gain insights since purchasing my Typhoon H in October. I look forward to participating in forums. Thanks, BKnightner