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real sense

  1. R

    Changing the RS unit on an H plus

    Is there anything I have to do after I have changed the Real Sense unit? Is there anybody that have some experience about that?
  2. K

    Real Sense Assistance

    Very Simply Please will someone please tell me when I am in Smart Mode using OA with RS activated will my TY H go up and over a building with my Right Stick full forward going toward that structure. Thanks Keith Kuhn
  3. N

    Typhoon H w/RealSense for Sale in Southern California

    For Sale: Typhoon H w/Real Sense, ST16, hard case, two batteries and Wizard. Bought on February 15th, 2017, from Best Buy. It's never actually flown. I've turned it on and started the propellers but I've never actually flown it. Firmware currently at: ST16: st16_system_v03.10.b30 apk...
  4. D

    Flashing Lights Inside the TH RealSense Normal?

    I have been paying close attention the my TH with RealSense and I have noticed there is a blast blocking light inside the body that is blue in color and another red one that just seems to be standard power. The blue light flashes like sparks, but it has one other odd behavior, it seems to flash...
  5. Mike_Flys

    New Typhoon H Pro $1,740.00 Real Sense, 2 batteries, Backpack...

    I am very excited about Part 107 and what this means for the industry. I truly believe that the technology being developed for this will change the world. With the new Part 107 FAA Remote Pilot in Command (sUAS) certificate now being required for commercial/professional drone flying...