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red light

  1. B

    Never flown - Red flashing - one second yellowish - red flashing

    Hi guys, I got the drone today and it seems the WiFi signal doesn't work. As I read on many formus that the reset will do the job, well it did not in my case, still the same. I got the red solid light, after that I got one second of yellowish color on the right wing and then blinking red. Any...
  2. Roymunson

    Breeze Initializing Error after Crash

    Dear Friends Would like to get some help with this. I bought my breeze 3 weeks ago. On the second flight I crashed it into a window. The drone fell to the ground form about 7 feet high. After that after turning it on it flashes 3 times a red light and also buzzes 3 times. I read in one post...