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  1. Rubik

    Video Bit Rate Question

    I'll bet someone out there knows the answer. Yesterday I did some testing with the CGO3+ at various resolutions and frame rates and exposures and shutter speeds. What I found was totally unexpected. I understand how the video bit rate is effected by the resolution and frame rate. But what I...
  2. TheDhuddist

    Youtube video quality

    Hi folks. I'm uploading some stuff to YouTube but it all comes out in 360p. At that resolution there's no point in even sharing the video. How do I change that? I've tried looking all over and can't seem to find the answer. When I watch them on my laptop they look great, but via YouTube they're...
  3. A

    Maiden flight down, questions!

    Hi all, I just got my Typhoon H today and did some light flying and tested the camera. Sorry if there already is a thread for this, i didnt see it. Everything seems to be in order for the flight side, but i do have some serious questions regarding the image. First and foremost: why is the...
  4. Jeremy Bernatchez

    Video framerates

    This might seem a silly question (and apologies if it's been mentioned before, but my search didn't come up with any Typhoon H related hits), but I'm wondering about the frame rates the Typhoon H shoots? I was about to pull the trigger on ordering until I saw in B&H, one of the Q&A questions...