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sensor files

  1. F

    Lose mantis q/lost connection with drone and motor error

    Hi everybody. I have lost my mantis q while I was flaying it.. I have check the last location but is not showing right, the “ last location “ is not there I was flaying my drone.. I took it so google earth and got the right location but Is nothing there.. I have also try to open the files and...
  2. DoomMeister

    How To: Retrieve Mantis Q Telemetry (Sensor) Files

    For the Android user: Open your File/Storage manager. Navigate to: /storage/sdcard0/YuneecPilot/FlightLog. Select all files, then select Compress and create a name that includes the date. For iOS users: Open iTunes on the PC. Attach iPhone/iPad. Open File Sharing. Select Yuneec Pilot...