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shutter speed

  1. Archileo

    Night time/ Dusk Skyline Photography Question

    What would be the best Manual photo settings that will help capture the best clarity of a city scape at twilight? Thank you all in advance!

    VIDEO - How to set Shutter Speed, ISO & White Balance

    With the past two firmware updates for the Typhoon H, there have been a few changes as to how manual camera settings work. In this video I keep it very basic and show how to quickly set the White Balance, ISO and Shutter Speed. At the end of the video is a two minute sample of video I have...
  3. Subtle Shots

    Actual camera shutter speeds on H

    Any H owners willing to report actual shutter speeds available when shooting stills on the typhoon H? Should be easy to check while in photo mode...manual settings....scroll down to longest shutter speed.... I have seen conflicting info anywhere from four seconds to only 1/30 of a second. Any...