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skyview fpv goggles

  1. Capt Mark

    Does anyone know the difference between these 2 SkyView headsets

    Hello all, There are 2 SkyView headsets available on Amazon. One is listed as "Yuneec SkyView FPV HDMI Headset For Use With HDMI Compatible Devices" for $40 and another listed as "Yuneec YUNTYSKL Typhoon Skyview L Camcorder Viewfinder" for $90. I don't know the difference between the two. They...
  2. Eagle's Eye Video

    *SOLD* Skyview FPV Goggles

    Yuneec Skyview Goggles Purchased with Typhoon H Pro in October 2016. Used once in apartment to check how they work. Never used again, because I almost never fly with a second person as a spotter. Will ship anywhere, since buyer pays for shipping. Brand new $249.00 US... Asking $125 +...