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st-16 charging problem

  1. Spessyquist

    ST-16 charging issues

    I am having trouble with charging the ST-16 using the conventional method I've used for 2 years. I purchased a new ST-16 battery from Vertigo Drone just last week as I was having this trouble with my factory issued battery. It arrived before the holiday weekend and was charged to 95% right out...
  2. Joseph Corrado

    Different Controller...Same effing stick problem!!

    I'm getting really REALLY frustrated with this issue. I bought my H as soon as it came out. I've had my fair share of early issues as many did but nothing like this. I can't say if the last firmware update caused this, but I can't be certain. All I know is it happened after the update. I noticed...
  3. G


    Hi everyone.The problem i am having is when i try and charge my st16 controller it is showing the charging battery on the screen doing what it is supposed to do when charging but instead of the battery charging it is actually discharging.i started charging yesterday when the battery was showing...