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st10 video drops

  1. T

    Video Drops on ST10

    I typically drop video link on my ST10 when reaching altitudes above 340 feet. I always have a clear line of sight and point the ST10 at the Q500 4k. Doesn't seem to help. Dropping the video feed on the ST10 makes it hard to get the perfect photo or video clip. Has anybody been able to boost the...
  2. J

    Camera disconnect , 2 ST10+ & carolina mod

    Out of the box my 4K dropped video feed after about a minute or so. I know I'm in a congested wifi area, so I assumed that was the issue. I just purchased a 2nd ST10+ with the Carolina Dronz antenna mod. 1st test flight with new xmitter and after a minure it dropped the feed. I snapped a few...