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  1. M

    ST12 in Team mode

    Hello, I just got a ST12 controller and plan to use it in Team mode with ST16 on my Typhoon H. However, when going in "Model Select" on the ST12, i only have Typhoon+, Typhoon 4K, Chroma and H920. Do i need to upgrade the ST12 firmware? Where can I find it since nothing is there on Yuneec...
  2. L

    ST12 for pilot and ST16 for gimbal operator?

    Hi guys, new here, I am interested buying a Typhoon H, but I have to check. Main advantage for me is the possibility of the pilot+operator team mode, but I m not quite sure yet how it works. Would it be possible for the pilot to use the ST12 while the camera operator could use the ST16? Is...
  3. W

    ST-12 Where to find one???

    Anyone know where One is available to order??