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  1. J

    ST16 | What's a Good Price

    I'm thinking about getting a second ST16 to have for a camera operator to use and I'm seeing wildly different prices online. Anyone know what's a ripoff, what's a scam, and what's a good deal? See links below: $700 Vertigo Drones $370 Amazon $180 Ebay?!?!
  2. R

    ST16+ Error :0 with Playstore

    Hi all, I'm new to the st16+ scene and really needs some assistance getting playstore to work. I have reinstalled apk's cleared caches, memory, deleted all reinstalled, updated, turned the remote off and on.... Nothing is working. I've even swapped memory cards only to re-download with no...
  3. P

    Menu caché typhoon H pro et ST16+

    Comment entrer dans le menu caché le ST16 ... Merci Christian
  4. H

    Yuneec UAV Pilot works with St16+?

    hi together, works the Yuneec Flight-Simulation UAV with the new ST16+? I saw in the Details only ST10, ST10+, ST12, ST16 and ST24