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st16 update

  1. Dezzzy.D

    Updating ST16 to v03.01.b27 from v03.01.b22 ISSUES

    Hey all I've haven't been flying since September. Obviously I'm trying to update now to the November update but I can't get my ST16 to unpack the files. I've tried 3 memory cards. All formatted to MS-DOS(FAT) on a mac for FAT32. One is the original card it came with the other 2 are 32gb cards I...
  2. Omar Dairky

    [SOLVED] "File Not Find" ST16 Firmware Update...

    [SOLVED] FIXED: I put in an 8gb card opposed to my 64 and its working great... So I have successfully completed the H firmware upgrade but the ST16 says "file not find". I tried having it in the camera and the ST16 itself.... The ST16 I have is Version: st16_system_v03.01.b18 Transmitter...