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  1. Vertigo Drones

    Typhoon H RealSense - First Impressions

    We received our early release dealer Typhoon H from Yuneec and are pretty impressed with the RealSense. We posted some pictures of the package on our Product Page. The Good: - Works just like the demo in January. This is actually pretty nerve racking because it comes very close to obstacles. We...
  2. NoCoOutdoorGuys

    H Camera Test (now with video!!!)

    Ok, I just did a very unscientific test of my H's camera. I recorded 20sec of footage for each quality level. The settings were natural, auto white balance, and auto exposure. I stopped and started recording between each 20secs. The 9th file down (I have to run thru the settings to figure out...
  3. Y

    Typhoon H Avoidance Test video

    Found it on youtube, not mine. Video is in another language but has English captions