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toilet bowling

  1. DCH

    Time for a fresh Flush of the Toilet Bowl

    Hi all, new member here first post ever. Forgive the old subject (and the length) but I have combed the forum on the Toilet Bowl (TB) subject and haven't found what I am looking for, ...a fix. I am an old drone pilot and a new H Pro owner for one month now. I love the H and have had no issues...
  2. T

    Toilet bowling, drifting and rushing about

    Hi! Does any one have a good advice for my 2-weeks old H smart sence, how to make it steady? I have done all the calibratings, updatings and pairings 3-4 times in a most perfect way by the instructions of the re-seller here in Finland. It keeps drifting and toilet bowling. Fortunately i got it...