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typhoon compass

  1. md95tsi

    Typhoon G vibrating and slow yall

    Hey I have a Typhoon G and when I went to fly it today I noticed a couple of issues with it. I am hoping someone out there can provide some input on any of the following issues. 1) One motor slower starting than others. 2) Horrible vibrations throughout the entire fuselodge, with or without...
  2. R12NDS

    Compass Calibration Warning....

    I have recently commenced a program of maintenance for my PfCO and ive noticed that despite completing a compass calibration, I keep getting warnings in my telemetry files. This appears to be linked to doing anything other than basic flying, i.e. RTH or testing other emergency functions. Any...
  3. C

    Heading indicator

    Hi Guys, I'm desperately looking for a heading(bearing) indicator for the THP..... I'm looking all over the ST16 for that info and can't find it.... knowing the compass heading the craft is pointed at is critical to getting a job done? Any ideas?