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typhoon h +

  1. R

    Typhoon H+ (plus) For sale [SOLD]

    For Sale: Typhoon H+ (Condition: Excellent) [SOLD] RealSense C23 (Condition: Excellent) ST16S Controller (Condition: Excellent) 2 Batteries (Condition: 1st is Excellent, 2nd is Good enough for maintenance, upgrades, setup, test and training flights) Gobi ND Filter Backpack (Condition...
  2. djjase

    ST16 Won't connect to do firmware updates

    When trying to connect to do an update it keeps popping up a red exclamation mark and shows nothing. Have tried 3 different internet connections on both 5 GHZ and 2.4 GHZ and the H+ isn't turned on. Have gone into Android and made sure it can connect to internet. It is at 1.0.08_20180507...
  3. danomite24

    A short clip

    Hello everyone, just wanted to say hello to everyone.