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typhoon h 480

  1. Pablo de la Fuente

    Peñas las Coronas. Asturias

    "What is necessary is to walk, always walk, never park; own the valley, the plains, the mountains and everything that the view encompasses." Mariano Azuela
  2. Pablo de la Fuente

    These are moments of meditating.

    These are moments of meditating on the current situation, flying in nature makes us forget about.
  3. Pablo de la Fuente

    Coast of Santa Justa

    In these moments of new confinement I have recovered a flight from this past summer. Maybe with a weird point of view, I hope you like it.
  4. K

    Repairing TY - H Arm

    I wonder has anyone tried to cement or glue the plastic motor head to the carbon fiber arm ? It slips on fine, it just needs to be cemented. The little plastic rivet broke away. Any recommendations ? Thanks Keith Kuhn