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typhoon h+

  1. W

    Typhoon H Plus with Real Sense

    Total package worth $3428, Selling complete only for $2,500. Drone - $1,999 Comes with: ST16S controller, Carry bag /back pack. All original accessories: 5 Ghz antenna, Camera gimbal lock, Camera mount shocks pads, Controller sun shade, Controller lanyard, Single battery charger, Original...
  2. T

    Landing Gear for H/H+

    Are the landing gear on a Typhoon H the same as on an H+?
  3. FhvnEd

    Confused over the ST16 Screen

    Hello Folks. Just transferred over from the Mavic 2 Forum after buying a new Typhoon H+, and I have some questions. I'm really not that mentally challenged and electronic devices don't usually stump me, but here goes. After following the setup instructions for theTyphoon, I downloaded the new...
  4. danomite24

    H Plus for a promotional video!

    Hey Guys Just Finish a promotional video for a Camp Site. I believe it turn out beautifully. I still have a lot of film left. So i should have a video soon of just aerial shoots