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typhoon h calibration

  1. InfoDrones.It

    Calibrazione Stick e Selettori (riprogrammazione Canale) - Italia

    Calibrazione Stick (J1,J2,J3,J4) e Selettori (K1,K2,K3 ecc..) sulla ST16 del Typhoon H. Riprogrammazione di un canale perso e soluzioni per problemi legati ai comandi e al volo del nostro TH.
  2. JulesTEO

    Perfect level for Accelerometer calibration a myth?

    Hello guys, So, I've been looking around some threads for some time, and I've seen that some users are on an endless mission to get the H perfectly leveled, even purchasing expensive tools to achieve an absolute surgical precision level in order to ensure a perfect accelerometer calibration...