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typhoon h crash

  1. P

    Totaled my Typhoon H - controller is still fine - can I replace drone?

    Hi All, For some unexplained reason, my Typhoon H dropped out of the sky, powered off, about 15 seconds into a flight. Battery might have come loose? I wasn't doing anything fast or jerky either. Weird. Anyway, was wondering how to just get a drone (I can use my current one as spare parts, I...
  2. Murray Martz

    H flipping over

    *****As this thread progressed, and while I was sure that it was a firmware update that caused my problem, it was only user error. It all gets explained on page 2 at comment #38 as I end up eating some crow.***** This is mostly a rant. I can now say with 100% certainty, that what is the cause...
  3. JulesTEO

    GPS Malfunction and Crash

    First of all I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Jules from Mexico and a Typhoon H owner. I'm new to multirotors and the H is my very first one. (I know most people recommend to get a cheap "drone" to practice but I just couldn't resist) A couple of weeks ago I was about to practice (as I've...