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  1. S

    4th of July Update Bricked ST16S

    I just started the update, and everything went fine till it was the TX turn to update. First off it said I was updating from 0.3.0 to 1.0.1 or something very close to that. Then it reboots and downloads version 0.33.0 and says that it was on version 0.0.1?? After that the screen went dark like...
  2. R

    iOS iPhone 7plus

    so I bought the breeze & have tried to see where the stream live option is at but I can’t find it. I have everything up to date and seen countless videos but to no avail. Anyone have any idea how I can get it to update to that version?
  3. T

    What is latest version #?

    Can anybody tell me what is the version number of the latest updates for the ST16 and the Typhoon H? I bought my H last March and have never updated either component since.
  4. iracer99

    New H, never used, sat for a year

    Hello, I have a new Typhoon H that I bought in November of 2016 that has never been out of it's original backpack case. (Life happens) I'm wanting to bring this thing out and start enjoying it, but I'm concerned about possible problems with the LiPo batteries, and firmware. My questions...
  5. DonArneson

    Updating Typhoon H

    When updating your Typhoon H with the latest software updates the one thing no one seems to mention when you download the updates and install them is you must re-bind the controller to the chopper. I updated the controller and the chopper and lost full control of my camera, had picture but no...