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updating firmware

  1. Eagle's Eye Video

    How To: Update the Q500 and ST-10 Firmware

    Courtesy of Jeff Sibelius
  2. Eagle's Eye Video

    How To: Update the Firmware on the H and ST-16

    I am initially including this video as the only one specifically for the most recent, current firmware for the US. Any suggested videos specific to the other global regions will be welcome. Frankly any Typhoon H's currently being sold, should have this stable firmware version already loaded...
  3. Peggy

    How to Upgrade/Downgrade C23 Camera Firmware for the H Plus

    Ok so here comes the detailed instructions on how to upgrade and downgrade the H Plus. Firstly you need to make sure you download each update as it comes through so that you can copy the files from the 'Yuneec OTA' folder when connected to a PC or Mac via the ST16S. I saved the very first...