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vertigo drones

  1. Steve Carr

    C23/E90 camera repairs

    I'm curious how many people have sent their camera in for repair and the outcome of that repair. Please share your experience with the problem you had with the camera and the outcome of the repair.
  2. J

    ST16 | What's a Good Price

    I'm thinking about getting a second ST16 to have for a camera operator to use and I'm seeing wildly different prices online. Anyone know what's a ripoff, what's a scam, and what's a good deal? See links below: $700 Vertigo Drones $370 Amazon $180 Ebay?!?!
  3. Vertigo Drones

    CGO-ET Thermal Imaging Camera for the Typhoon H - Now Available for Pre-Order

    The much anticipated CGOET is now available for pre-order. We expect to ship by the 1st of December. Finalized pricing is not yet available but is anticipate to be $1999.99 - $2499.99. This unit is a 1-for-1 swap for the CGO3+ and provides enhanced low light capabilities along with thermal...
  4. Vertigo Drones

    Typhoon H RealSense - First Impressions

    We received our early release dealer Typhoon H from Yuneec and are pretty impressed with the RealSense. We posted some pictures of the package on our Product Page. The Good: - Works just like the demo in January. This is actually pretty nerve racking because it comes very close to obstacles. We...