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video editing software

  1. Merhlin

    Typhoon H Plus 1080 Video Won't Render

    I'm new to Yuneec (though not new to drones per se. though I'm no expert.) I am now flying a Typhoon H Plus. I'm really loving this bird. I'm learning about it's features and handling, day to day. I shot some video last night shortly before sunset using the 1080 & "gorgeous" video settings and...
  2. Pilgrim23

    Which software to use for film making?

    Good Morning, I recently purchased a H520 with a E90 and a CGOET camera. I'm starting to really enjoy having fun with this, but am now looking at making some videos. I go fishing a lot and want to make films of my days out. Can anyone please recommend a software package etc that will help me do...
  3. ThunderChicken

    Need some help on a special project

    I want to splice three or four five minute videos for a special project. It needs to be gapless on the video and will have audio embedded along with it. I do have multiple editing programs, but I am completely unfamiliar with video editing. Any help would be appreciated. I know I have just...
  4. S

    Once you stitch together a Panorama...How do you put it on a website?

    i KNOW how to get it to Facebook. I want to know how to put it in a file format that will work 360 degree circular panorama.... I use WIX as my hosting company. Also...Looking fo an easy to learn Video and still photo editor on a Mac. Don't tell me about Adobe PS etc.. Too difficult for me to...