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video editing

  1. Merhlin

    Typhoon H Plus 1080 Video Won't Render

    I'm new to Yuneec (though not new to drones per se. though I'm no expert.) I am now flying a Typhoon H Plus. I'm really loving this bird. I'm learning about it's features and handling, day to day. I shot some video last night shortly before sunset using the 1080 & "gorgeous" video settings and...
  2. S

    Computers, video cards and other hardware for 4K. What do you use?

    Finding now that my PC can't handle the 4K video that I'm capable of doing. It's an older AMD board with a NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT card. It can't keep up and video is jerky. What do you others have for hardware and cards that handle 4K without issues? I need to be able to view and edit without...
  3. ThunderChicken

    Need some help on a special project

    I want to splice three or four five minute videos for a special project. It needs to be gapless on the video and will have audio embedded along with it. I do have multiple editing programs, but I am completely unfamiliar with video editing. Any help would be appreciated. I know I have just...
  4. R12NDS

    Image from Video File - How To?

    Hey All, I have noticed that the camera with the H curves the edges of the still images it takes, but doesn't curve the edges of the video. As a result, i want to video a scene and then extract a full size 12MP image from that video, rather than screen shot a 'paused' video clip - is this...
  5. G

    Are my videos to long

    Hi everyone,i have recently made a couple videos with my typhoon H (i have only had it a few weeks)and when i view them i find it so difficult to just upload a small length say 3 or 4 minutes when i have some what i think is really good footage.I purchased Filmora to do the editing on but my...