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watch me

  1. Subtle Shots

    WATCH ME mode works thru clouds and trees

    I always wanted to try this
  2. M

    Difference between "Watch Me" and "Follow Me".

    So I've watched many Youtube videos and I still can't figure what the difference is between "Watch Me" and "Follow Me". Does anyone know what the difference is?
  3. N

    No Watch Me on Wizard

    Hi, I have this problem with my Wizard on the Typhoon H. It works great except it seems to be unable to send tilt commands to the drone. When I'm trying to manually tilt the camera through the buttons on the Wizards it does nothing. Also, when I go in Smart Mode and Activate the Watch me Mode...
  4. James_perth

    Team mode using Wizard and ST16

    Hi. I'm a new member from Perth, Western Australia and looking for a bit of clarification before committing to a Typhoon H. What I'm looking to understand is if I'm using team mode to film someone kitesurfing (for example), am I able to override / exit the follow/watch me mode and regain...