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  1. The Frozen Photog

    Laskianen in Palo, MN

    Tooth drone up to Palo, MN for a little winter flight to get a bird's eye view of the Finnish sledding Festival known as Laskianen.
  2. Breizhdrone

    Project of heater LiPo batteries bag for drones

    Hello, I propose you to read an online article dealing with a project of heater LiPo batteries bag for drones or electronic equipments from this page of my blog: Sac chauffe-batteries pour drones en hiver There are many pictures and you could use Google tools to translate...
  3. CzarMark

    Breeze Battery Storage

    I've been reading a great deal about proper battery storage for optimal battery life. There seems to be a lot of information for many Yuneec products, but not the Breeze. As this is the first winter since I purchased my Breeze and I live in Northeastern Wisconsin, I don't think I'll have many...
  4. P

    Freediving in the Åland Archipelago

    Me, a friend, and his brother went out into the Åland Archipelago to go freediving in the freezing cold waters of the baltic sea. The waters were about 1.7 degrees "warm" at the time of recording.
  5. P

    Färjsundet, Åland (Cut version)

    Finally got around to cutting the video I posted previously and I also added quite a bit of effects to the video. In retrospect I should probably have trimmed another half minute or so from the video but you'll just have to live with one scene beeing a bit too long. ;-)
  6. P

    Under the cold light of the moon rests a small town

  7. P

    Uncut video of my low light winter sunset flight this afternoon on my home island.

  8. P

    Ice on wooded meadow.

    Hi! Tõramaa wooded meadow. More info: Ice fields of Soomaa Best regards.
  9. P

    Cross-country ice skating with the H

    The other day I posted a long flight. That was actually a by product of what I was actually shooting which was some cross country ice skaters. Here's the final edited version of what I wanted to shoot that time.
  10. P

    Lake ice.

    Best regards!
  11. P

    Typhoon H Pro with stock antennas - Range test 3000ft / 1km

    I was determined to go out and film some people Cross-country ice skating. And when I happened to spot some ice skaters I couldn't help myself but to stop the car, get out and set up the drone and follow them. Unfortunately they were so fast that I only caught up with them after about a...
  12. P

    Where ice meets land

  13. T


    Hi, I would like to introduce myself here with one of my drone video, recorded with Yuneec Q500 4K. I really hope I can find and meet here some Yuneec freaks and learn more about my machine, video recording tricks and so on. Video is called "MIST HUNTING". Hope you will like it :) Feedback...

    Typhoon H Cold Weather Flying - Temperature Change

    I took the Typhoon H out on the weekend for a quick "temperature test". It was 1 degree Celsius (34 Fahrenheit) outside. With the Typhoon H in its shipping case (in a backpack), I took it from the heated house to the car. Drove 10 minutes to a field. Took it out of the car and placed the...