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  1. R

    Typhoon H Pro with Realsense and Wizard wand (sold)

    I guess it's time. I have too many drones again so I'm selling one. Typhoon H Pro with realsense Wizard wand two batteries (year old alternated) controller with sunshield and neck strap 4 each A and B props 32 gig micro SD card Polar pro ND 4, 8 and 16 filters Never crashed, but tilted and...
  2. C

    SOLD$1,499 - 2 Yuneec TyphoonH's, 2 cameras cgoet,cgo3+, 3 batt. 2 remotes -

    Yuneec Typhoon H with Intel Real Sense AND additional Typhoon H (no real sense, stock) AND 3 batteries AND ST16 remote controller AND Wizard wand controller AND CGO3+ 4K camera AND CGO-ET Thermal imaging camera. Yes, 2 drones, 3 batteries, 2 remotes, 2 cameras a 4k and a thermal imaging camera...
  3. Breizhdrone

    Stickers for Typhoon H from www.uavstickers.com

    Hi, 2 sets of stickers for Typhoon H by www.uavstickers.com: For ST16 groundstation and Wizard... Personalized Identity Set This set includes valuable, color coordinated stickers for new & experienced pilots that are flying the Yuneec Typhoon H aircraft. Many of the stickers are common sense...
  4. R

    RS TH Autonomously Follows Wizard at the Happy Valley Track

    With a bit of Wizard melody...
  5. M

    Tracking a kite with the wizard!

    Hi all, My brother is an avid kite flyer. This weekend we are in Hull in Yorkshire UK and plan on attempting to film him from the kites POV by attaching the wizard to the kite!!! I have studied the Yuneec videos for using the tracking facility of the wizard/Typhoon H when its in smart mode...
  6. K

    Does anyone need a Wizard?

    Just putting this out there.... I have decided that I will not be using my Wizard. Haven't touched it since I bought the H and can't see that I'll be using it in the future. If anyone is interested, PM me for the ebay listing number.
  7. R

    Typhoon H accessories for sale

    I have some Typhoon H accessories I'm trying to sell. If you are interested, let me know. Battery and charger - $175 Wizard Wand - $125 Extra props 6 a and 5 b - $20 (Plus shipping) [email protected]
  8. Murray Martz

    Wizard Wanted

    I'm in Canada. Looking for a wizard complete with waterproof pouch.
  9. NockaGreenPeace

    Watch Me Mode, Wizard Operation, Geofence Interactions?

    So I took my Typhoon H out for a test drive with the Wizard today while longboarding and it was amazing. The video footage is awesome, it avoided obstacles like a world class champion and I am very pleased. However, I did notice that when I picked up some speed and outpaced the H for a short...
  10. Haydn

    Typhoon H wizard support.......?

    Hi everyone. Anyone tried the Blade BLH8645 Chroma Wizard with a H yet? They say that they work with ST10+ controllers . But I want to see if it will work with the H and the ST16. Please reply if you have tried this please. Thanks Haydn
  11. Chris Dunn

    Use the Wizard to keep subject in frame but use st16

    I'm on the way to Glamis,California into the sand dunes. I feel much comfortable if I could still use my ST-16 and screen to control the Typhoon H while the wizard is straped to my friend's Off-road vehicle
  12. John Post

    Camera following Wizard?

    Hi, Last Sunday I filmed a bunch of motocross riders with the TH. It coincidentally came along. It was hard for me to follow those guys well. All of a sudden it occurred to me that I also could give the Wizard to a motorcyclist. So the camera could keep an eye on the biker and I could...
  13. Haydn

    ### BOUGHT ### WTB - Wizard Waterproof Case/Pouch

    I am after a Wizard Waterproof pouch/case. I gave mine away with my advanced, thinking the pro would come with one... I would really like one again. Sent to Portland, Oregon. Pay with PayPal I pay fees. thanks Haydn
  14. M

    Problem to work with wizard only

    Hi Today tried to use only wizard with H. Some issues: 1.By pressing camera tilt up/down - gear up/down function can not work 2. It looks like OVS ON/OF cant not work I use last (September) H firmware. Any suggestion? May be I nee to upgrade Wizard Firmware? And if can, how to do this? 10X
  15. N

    No Watch Me on Wizard

    Hi, I have this problem with my Wizard on the Typhoon H. It works great except it seems to be unable to send tilt commands to the drone. When I'm trying to manually tilt the camera through the buttons on the Wizards it does nothing. Also, when I go in Smart Mode and Activate the Watch me Mode...
  16. Z

    Alternative to Team Mode?

    Hey, As a newcomer to Drone photography and to this forum I do not know much about the goings-on. However, I have setup and used the Team Mode option to control camera while following a mountain biker with the Wizard Controller. This feature is awesome because I have full camera control on the...
  17. James_perth

    Team mode using Wizard and ST16

    Hi. I'm a new member from Perth, Western Australia and looking for a bit of clarification before committing to a Typhoon H. What I'm looking to understand is if I'm using team mode to film someone kitesurfing (for example), am I able to override / exit the follow/watch me mode and regain...
  18. Y

    Wizard & Controller

    When using a wizard does it work alongside the regular controller? Or do you have to use one or the other?
  19. clackey

    Yuneec Typhoon Wizard

    "The ultra-lightweight and compact Typhoon Wizard allows users to pilot their Typhoon multicopter with the use of only one hand, making it even easier to capture life's memories from a bird's-eye view. Users will benefit from the convenience and portability of the included water-resistant...