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yuneec breeze

  1. Capt. Overview

    Drone Compilation video using Typhoon H and Breeze

    The majority of the video in this compilation is from my TH, with a few bits (the less steady ones) from my Breeze. I hope you enjoy them!
  2. A

    yuneec breeze 4k wifi not showing on phones.

    Hi. I bought a new yuneec breeze drone from usa. And i came to Turkey. I flyed a few days with my phone. After a few days, i started the drone. But wifi wasnt showing. I reseted the drone a lot of time, but still same. i wanted to firmware update. But i think i cant upgrade without wifi. I...
  3. O

    Breeze is very slow without GPS?

    hey all just was wondering if anyone has the same issue with there breeze flying incredibly slow when gps is disabled? and if it is possible how i can change that?
  4. Alex-Aldridge

    Breeze 4k weight lifting?

    How much extra weight can a Breeze 4k lift? Would any sensors be effected by something hanging below the drone during flight?
  5. R

    Good Bye To Breeze... Hello to ?

    Good bye Breeze, Hello to Dji Spark Fly more Combo on Pre Order.... Got Fed up with waiting for yuneec to fix the FPV goggles kit problem with my andriod Galaxy s6 on nougat firmware, Could not use due to the app resetting to main screen when clicking on fvp to controller like the guy in this...
  6. A

    Breeze "tripod mode" little tip...

    I upload a video demo of the little tip: If you shot on 60fps (720p) mode turning the breeze speed at minimum too and then slow down the video at 1/2 with the same breeze app (edit mode in gallery) or other edition software... then you get a smooth video similar to the tripod mode on Mavic...