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yuneec typhoon h plus

  1. The Frozen Photog

    The 2023 Hoyt Lakes Water Carnival

    Every year my small Iron Range hometown hosts the Hoyt Lakes Water Carnival. A celebration of fun, food, and festivities. Here is the 2023 version.
  2. danomite24

    H Plus for a promotional video!

    Hey Guys Just Finish a promotional video for a Camp Site. I believe it turn out beautifully. I still have a lot of film left. So i should have a video soon of just aerial shoots
  3. danomite24

    Typhoon H Plus Video

    Hey everyone went up to Big Bear this weekend and I took some breath taking video. I wish more people would put up more videos. With the beauty of the camera. So do us all the favor go out there and capture something beautiful. Life is good
  4. Merhlin

    Video Settings In the H Plus and YouTube

    Well, I'm back. Got my H Plus this summer. Great way to enter this forum by posting that mine dropped out of the sky on it's second flight. :eek: The good news is Yuneec was great about replacing it and I'm flying again without incident (knock on wood.) I'm still seeing about these drones...