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yuneec typhoon q500 4k

  1. Y

    Questions about Typhoon Q500 4K updates

    Hello, all! I'm a new US member with a Q500 4K that's a few years old and I want to prepare it to fly again. The firmware shown for the aircraft in settings is 1.07. However, I've downloaded a file from Yuneec Skins with the filename of Q500_v1.07_09_28_2015.bin. It's unclear to me whether this...
  2. M

    CGO 3 not tilting

    I took my Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K for a fly yesterday for the first time. Everything works great. The only thing is camera was not tilting. When I was using the ST10 remote button for tilting, I could hear the beep from the remote but no tilting in the camera. I took off the camera and attached...
  3. A

    Yuneec typhoon q500 4k cgo3 wifi problem show on white light

    recently i buy a Yuneec typhoon q500 4k drone i didn't fly that drone even one time , its drone is problem , I have problem with Yuneec typhoon q500 4k cgo3 wifi problem , Its not binding the camera wifi not showing in controller and i attached steady grip cgo3 camera its not showing wifi...