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27 Point Inspection - Compliments of Yuneec

Apr 4, 2016
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Ottawa, Canada
I received my "H" back today after a long 32 days of separation. One of us has aged... think it was me. :)

Yuneec did a 27 point inspection prior to sending this "H" back to me, which is pretty nice to see (have a look at attached image).

The ST16 is not the one I returned to them, this one appears to be a newer model maybe??? My ST16 had a defective micro SD slot (the card would not stay in place), but on this one it does.

I can't tell if the entire "H" is brand new as it does have a few tiny nicks in the body which could mean it is a refurbished "H" (a drone from someone else which has been repaired back to spec). The gimbal and camera I suspect are different from what I sent because I note that there is a different MAC Address written on the side.
The battery is certainly different as my previous one came with a scuff on the side & this one is clean.

What I found very nice is that Yuneec included a 27 point inspection sheet with the returned "H". I realized, in looking at the sheet, that it would have been wise on my part to have included the sample video problems on a micro SD along with the returned craft.

I'm just charging up the battery, then controller and will check it out further. Will test fly it later this week.

Thanks Yuneec!

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I included sample sd card and didn't get it back :( My fault though; forget to tell them I left it in the camera which they replaced with new.

Also received the 21/27 point checklist (didn't count).
I just checked this ST16 against photos of my previous ST16. My previous one had black rubber over the switches. This one has all metal switches.

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