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4 battery charger adapter

Dec 26, 2015
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hi- i have been trying to find my original post regarding this product to include this with, but haven't had any luck using the search mode....so i am posting a review of the 4 battery adapter i received the other day from china here. i found that it was very difficult to attach my battery to a couple of the 4 bays of the multi battery charger because the banana type plugs on the circuit board couldn't totally settle into the female banana battery holes. so, i took some needle nose pliers and crimped the bowed contacts around the circuit board's male plugs a bit so the battery charging circuit board male contacts could slide into the female battery contacts better. this worked ok, i guess. i made a tool to help remove the battery from the 4 battery charging unit. i made it from a wooden shim. see photos. i cut a slot 40mm x7mm slot in the shim with a razor knife and used my bench grinder to taper the ends of the shim so that it could slip easily into the gap between the battery and the charging circuit board so that the two could be more easily disconnected (pried loose) otherwise, you might crack the circuit board by having to use brute force to spread the two apart!. also, here are links to additional products i needed to purchase for the charging unit to work with my Thunder AC6 charger.

4 in 1 Multi Battery Charging Charger Parallel Board For YUNEEC Q500 Quadcopter
Charge Lead Banana Male Ultra Plugs/Deans PS

IMG_3327_6x8_72s.jpg IMG_3304_8x6_72s.jpg IMG_3318_8x6_72s.jpg IMG_3337_6x8_72s.jpg
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