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40 MPH Typhoon H follow me test - Impressive!

Just saw it on RCGroups. Very nice!
What really impressed me was that the Typhoon H used in this vid, is the one we all ordered (there is no Realsense or IPS attached to it).

Also, you can see that if the Typhoon H passes the 30 degree tilt due to speed or fast course correction, then the possibility exists of having one or more of the six arm(s) in the video frame (as seen in this demo).
Very nice, a shame the review didn't really begin until halfway into the clip. Surprisingly, I'm not that interested in what Justin had to eat on the way. Plus..... Big opportunity missed to ask Trent..... "WTF's going on with delivery?"
Also, anyone else notice Trent's correction to "Summer!" When Justin announced "June" as availability of Realsense?
That "summer" correction was very obvious but maybe because we are attuned to double speak at this time. At least it is not fall....yet
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Impressive. True test will be top speed WITH real sense engaged tho...

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