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5 Cent ST16 Pan Switch Mod.

May 30, 2016
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Ok, I was thinking to hard about adapting an larger switches knob to fit over the existing pan knob on the ST16. After a second cup o coffee I went down to my super secret troll bunker/lab and followed my caffeine buzz to were it took me.

I then invoked the K.I.S.S. mantra. Within my electronics stash I had some semi hard rubber electrical connection insulators. They just happened to fit tightly over the existing ST16 pan switch. I then took the hardest dampening ball I have and stuffed it into the top of the red rubber electrical insulator.

I sourced the red rubber electrical insulators from Radio Shack many months ago for another project.

Mod is done.

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Very nice. The pan knob should be were the rate knob is, them you would have pan and tilt at both index fingers. Yuneec needs to remap this knobs in the future.
I agree. That pan knob is in an odd place. Doing a pan and tilt simultaneously is a bit of a pain.
I agree. That pan knob is in an odd place. Doing a pan and tilt simultaneously is a bit of a pain.
Second that. It's a shame we don't have full control to remap the controls. The existing config utility is useful but limited.

I had high hopes for the H but the implementation of CCC speed control along with the choppy video feed make it useless for what I needed. The P4 and Inspire with Autopilot/Litchi have this thing stomped in virtual cable cam applications.
Nice mod and of course, thank you for sharing. Having just acquired the H, I am bumming around looking for things like this!

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