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A seagull attacked my H !

I had a large turkey vulture circling my H the other day but luckily he didn't make a move....it wouldn't have worked out for either of us I think.
I've heard gulls are very aggressive. I interrupted some buzzards road kill one time, and one took it personally!!






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I haven't yet, knock on wood. But as I've stated before on another post, I personally do know someone who had their brand new P4 taken out by a Red Tail Hawk.
I flew my phantom over a tree last year and spooked a bird which flew straight into it. Sent the drone 2 miles before crashing into a field. Luckily it was found but was a right off. The bird came off worse tho.
These drones are dangerous to wildlife .. I had a red tail hawk attack my gyro a few year back. He lost also.
There was a fantastic video of an Eagle grabbing a phantom out of the air and taking it to its nest. Apparently the owner was able to retrieve his drone. In the next you could see the bird looking at it...

And I too have heard/read on the DJI forums of Seagulls being quite aggressive...
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I hope this is what you are talking bout Quadbart. It was posted 7 months ago. Just hope the link works.

Apparently birds can get territorial when a drone comes around. They go to investigate the drone to ensure its not another bird trying to infiltrate their location, and steal their resources. Be careful when flying near bigger birds!
My phantom never gets bothered by birds, but every time I fly the H, the birds start circling and come closer and closer, makes me so nervous I bring down and land it!!!

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